Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Tree Removal

When you need to make the decision about whether or not to remove a tree or need other tree services, you can count on our team at Tree Sharks to guide you in the right direction. While there are many tree removal contractors and arborists in our area, we are confident that we are the right tree removal professionals to handle the service you are looking for.

Crown Cleaning

Selective removal of dead, damaged, diseased or weakly attached branches from the crown. Regular cleaning of the crown can greatly reduce the chances of large growth problems and improves the overall health of tree.

Selective Trimming

Branches growing over houses, lanais and driveways can cause a wide variety of problems leading to thousands spent on repairs if it fails. Here in Florida, hurricanes are a threat every year and even a small storm could cause branches weighing thousands of pounds to fail coming down on your home.

Canopy Elevation

The removal of lower branches to provide clearance for structures, vehicles or to enhance the view to specific area.

Stump grinding

Stumps left behind after a removal can be unsightly, damaging to turf equipment, be sources for insects and termites to colonize as well as promoting the the growth of fungi. Some species of tree (Brazilian pepper tree) will continue to grow after a removal sprouting suckers and waterspouts from the stump and roots themselves. This will require constant removal to keep them from returning. Stump grinding is non-invasive to surrounding plants and structures, and solves these problems without ripping large areas to remove (pull out) the stump and roots.

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